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  • Harmine Hydrochloride, Harmine hydrochloride hydrate, Harmin
Harmine Hydrochloride, Harmine hydrochloride hydrate, Harmin

Harmine Hydrochloride, Harmine hydrochloride hydrate, Harmin

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Product name:Harmine Hydrochloride, Harmine hydrochloride hydrate, Harmine HCL
Brand:Yongyuan Bio.
Harmine HCL is one of Yongyuan Bio’s star products, had been exported to the United States, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and other countries, our product quality is stable, Customer 100% satisfaction, zero return. We have Harmine HCL available all the year around, MOQ:10g.
Latin name: Peganum harmala L.
Part Used:Seed
Specification: Harmine Hydrochloride 98%HPLC
CAS No: 343-27-1
Molecular Formula: C13H13ClN2O
Molecular Weight: 248.7081
Melting Point:265-270℃.
Soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, etc.
Appearance: Off-White to Light Yellow fine powder
Description: Peganumharmala L. belongs to zygophyllaceae. Uygur medicine is administered with its whole grass and seed. The whole grass is called "Peganum harmala", the seeds are called "Peganum harmala seed", People are used to relieve cough, detoxify, stop asthma and so on. It is mainly distributed in arid grasslands and saline alkali wasteland in Northwest China. It has been used for a long time by Uigur and Mongolian people. It has also been widely applied in traditional Chinese medicine. The main chemical composition of Peganum harmala L. is alkaloid. The harmaline and harmine are the main active components of Peganum harmala L., they belong to the β-Carboline alkaloids.
Main functions: the pharmacological effect of harminel is very extensive, mainly including radiation prevention, anti echinococcosis, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipruritic, anti psoriasis and anti-tumor effect.
Storage: Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation
Shelf life: 2 year when properly stored.
We specialized in  manufacture and export of herbal extract with high quality and competitive price.
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