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  • Xanthohumol, Hops Extract Xanthohumol
Xanthohumol, Hops Extract Xanthohumol

Xanthohumol, Hops Extract Xanthohumol

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  • Product Spec:98%
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  • Shelf Time:2022-03-01

Product name: Xanthohumol, Hops Extract Xanthohumol

Btanical Source: Humulus lupulus L.
Part Used: Hops cones
Specifications: Xanthohumol 2%-98%

CAS No.: 6754-58-1

Molecular Formula: C21H22O5

Molecular Weight: 354.4

Brand: Yongyuan Bio.

Xanthohumol(XN) is the main isoprenoid flavonoid in hops and is currently found only in hops. It is one of the main flavonoids in hops, with a content of about 0.1%-1.2% of the dry weight of hops, and its structure gives it a variety of physiological activities.

Application: Pharmacological experiment, experimental content determination.

Storage: Stored in sealed containers in a cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation.
Shelf life: 2 years when properly stored.
Packing: 1 KG/Bag, 25 KG/Drum, Or according to customer needs.

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