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Yongyuan bio's export volume continued to grow!

Yongyuan Bio 2020-3-17
Two weeks since the resumption of work, Yongyuan bio's export volume continued to grow, we have made a good start!
  In China, the COVID19 has been effectively controlled, the full resumption of business for two weeks,Yongyuan Bio's export orders continue to flow. So far, our company has sent more than 20 tons of all kinds of plant extract products to Europe, North America and Asia. Look, today there is a batch of Yongyuan Bio’s high quality products to go overseas, delivery to our customers. In our Chinese language, the business has won the start!
  We firmly believe that under the leadership of the Party and the government, through our efforts, Yongyuan Bio’s export business this year will certainly achieve a bumper harvest! China’s economy refueling! Yongyuan Bio refueling!


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