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Quality control system

 1.The hardware system of production
First of all, a good product is produced, our factory has two professional plant extracts production systems ,one is used to extract active ingredients of plant extracts ,one is used to extract proportion of traditional Chinese medicine; 4 sets of condensed system to improve overall production efficiency; 8 sets of chromatography used Purification of plant active ingredients and monomer; efficient spray drying system to ensure that the finished product characteristics can be applied to all agents use; Package plant with GMP standard to ensure product hygiene compliance.
Currently our factory produce all kinds of plant extracts products 150 tons each year.

2.The hardware system of our test
Diane UltiMate3000 liquid;
AGLIENT 6890 gas chromatograph;
AGLINET6890N -5975 GC;
THERMO M6AA thermoelectric AAS;
Shimadzu UV2501-PC;
Infrared spectrophotometry detector;

3.Product testing indicators
Chinese herbal medicines testing indicators:
By microscopic identification, TLC and HPLC fingerprint identification to ensure the genuineness and effectiveness of herbs.
Extract of finished product testing indicators:
Detection of active ingredient content;
Detection of heavy metals (copper, lead, arsenic, cadmium);
Pesticide residues;
Moisture content;
Ash detection;
Microbial detection;
4.Our staff and technology strength
All of our technicians and test technicians are from Northwestern University, Yangling Agricultural Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professional in Natural plant chemistry and chemical engineering, and we have long-term relationship with Pharmacy of Northwest University College and support each other! Our team leaders and workers of factory production line are long-term practitioners of chemical extraction of plant industry, practical experience, to fully ensure the stability of product quality! Can say that our team is a well-trained team of professionals! Our property has a number of products in the mature plant extract process and large-scale production experience, Our professional team can also develop new products in the biological field according to market demand and quickly translated into actual production line.
5.Raw materials security system
Natural plant extract is a unique and promising sunrise industry, she is traditional, but also incorporates elements of modern technology, to promote the sound development of the industry sustainable, contribute to human health, we must work hard at the source! Therefore, we attach great importance to medicinal sources, developed a long-term strategy to ensure that the source of good and sustainability. We have continued to cooperate in the establishment of medicinal plants around the base of GAP, while wild endangered species, we are resolutely against acts of destruction of resources, quick success! Plant life on Earth's natural resources are the umbrella, only reasonable access to, life can only be endless! Let us all do it together!
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