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About us

  Shaanxi Yongyuan Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2010, headquarter located in Xi'an High-tech Zone China, neighbor with many famous enterprises such as Huawei, BYD,China Aerospace etc.
We aim to become one of the world top ranking, high-tech enterprises in China.
Our  Logostands for: Our Natural, Healthy products guard our planet.

The general manager Tom Liu

Yongyuan mission: Extract natural ingredients for everyone's health.
Yongyuan vision: We are committed to concentrate on the quality and your satisfaction.
Yongyuan value: Details determine success!

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Yongyuan Bio is committed to the basic principles and vision of the development of big health industry:

1. Raw material guarantee (collect natural high-quality and genuine medicinal materials as raw materials, and resolutely eliminate counterfeit and low-quality medicinal materials);

2. Safe extraction (excellent extraction process, no process pollution and no use of harmful solvents);

3. Scientific formula (scientific compatibility and dialectical treatment under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory);

4. Transparent marketing (avoid confusing concepts to mislead consumers, display with the concept of seeking truth from facts, so that consumers can fully understand the products and use them at ease);

Vision: reshape consumer confidence and build the cornerstone of the brand.

Yongyuan natural ingredients powder&oil:
Natural herbal extracts(single and formula herbal extract;pure active ingredients);
Organic herbal powder;
Natural fruit and vegetable powder;
Nutritional plant oil;
Yongyuan natural agricultural products: 
Se-enriched ganoderma lucidum tea;
Organic wolfberry dried fruit;
Organic green tea;
The snake series;
Wild mushroom series (Cordyceps sinensis,Tricholoma Matsutake, Morchella)
Yongyuan natural products:
Reishi Mushroom sporoderm-broken spore powder;
Ginkgo leaf extract tea;
Raisin tree extract Liver protection beverage;
Inulin prebiotics solid drink;
Grape seed polyphenols capsule
Making Friends with sincerity, meeting bosom friend with a kind heart.
Looking forward sincere cooperation and collusion development!

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