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  • Pu'er Tea Extract, Puer Tea extract, pu erh tea extract, Tuo
Pu'er Tea Extract, Puer Tea extract, pu erh tea extract, Tuo

Pu'er Tea Extract, Puer Tea extract, pu erh tea extract, Tuo

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Product name: Pu'er Tea Extract, Puer Tea extract, pu erh tea extract, Tuopcha Tea Extract
Latin name: Camellia assamica (Mast.) Chang
Part Used:Leaf
Active Ingredient: Tea Polyphenols
Appearance: Brown fine powder
Test Method:TLC
Brand:Yongyuan Bio.
The main components of Pu erh tea extract were polyphenols: catechin,theaflavins,thearubigins.
Description: Introduction: Pu'er tea is the leaf of Camellia sinensisO. Ktze. var. assamica Kitamura. for Camellia plants. Produced in Yunnan Province, South and southwest of Dayezhong tea, also called Pu tea.
Application: Pu-erh Tea has the function of decrease grease, warm stomach, produce saliva and slake thirst, reducing blood fat, protect the spleen and anti-alcohol, anti arteriosclerosis, it contains tannic acid like tea, helps to facilitates digestion, lose weight. The catechin compounds in tea has anti-aging effect, which can be used for anti-aging beauty products. Yongyuan Bio Puer Tea extract is extract from Top Yunnan Puer Tea.
Storage: Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation
Shelf life: 2 year when properly stored.
We specialized in  manufacture and export of herbal extract with high quality and competitive price.
If you have any questions, welcome to contact me by sending email to yysale2@herbalextractcn.com 

The difference between black tea extract and Pu'er tea extract:
1. Different types. Black tea belongs to basic tea. The basic tea categories include green tea, black tea, green tea, yellow tea, white tea and black tea. Pu'er tea is a kind of reprocessed tea. Pu'er tea is made of sun-dried green tea (green tea) and processed by special technology.
2. Black tea belongs to full-fermented tea and Pu'er tea belongs to post-fermented tea. Black tea is good for new tea, and Pu'er tea is good for many years (within a range of course). In terms of production technology, black tea is fermented first, and fermentation stops at the end of production; while Pu'er tea is post-fermented tea, it will be fermented naturally all the time during storage, even the ripe tea fermented artificially will continue to ferment. So Pu'er tea can be divided into raw tea and ripe tea, but black tea can't.
3. Pu'er Tea refers to the large-leaved sun-dried green tea in Yunnan. There are many kinds of black tea in China, such as Rizhao black tea, Qihong, Zhaoping red, Huohong, Yunnan red, Yuehong, Quancheng red, Quancheng green, Suhong, Sichuan red, Yinghong, Chuyunxian black tea in Dongjiang, especially Qimen black tea.

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