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Fruit& Tea& Vegetables Powder

  • Super Mixed Natural Fruit&Vegetables&Ferment&Pre
Super Mixed Natural Fruit&Vegetables&Ferment&Pre

Super Mixed Natural Fruit&Vegetables&Ferment&Pre

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Super Mixed Natural Fruit &Vegetables &Ferment &Prebiotics &Collagen peptide &Dietary fiber powder

Modern way of life, People are often troubled by constipation, obesity, hair loss, easy fatigue, poor skin and other sub-health problems. To improve this problem, in deep cooperation with the school of Life Science of a well-known university in China, Yongyuan Bio has developed more than 20 kinds of fruit and vegetable enzyme juice powder, plant extract, alpha-amylase inhibitor, prebiotics, collagen peptide, dietary fiber and other pure natural plant raw materials. Scientific formula a super natural fruit and vegetable enzyme prebiotics collagen peptide dietary fiber composite powder, can be applied to solid beverage, tablet candy, meal replacement powder and other natural health food, It is especially suitable for people who sit for a long time, often go on business trips, pursue healthy body and love beautiful body. Yongyuan bio super compound powder is natural, healthy, nutritious and effective. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to cooperate. (Our company's raw materials are exclusive production, do not refer to the same kind of low-quality raw materials in the market.)

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