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  • Black Elderberry Extract, European elderberry Extract, Black
Black Elderberry Extract, European elderberry Extract, Black

Black Elderberry Extract, European elderberry Extract, Black

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  • Product Spec:Anthocyanin 1-25%
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  • Shelf Time:2020-12-21
Product name: Black Elderberry Extract, European elderberry Extract, Black elder Extract, European elder Extract,  European black elderberry Extract
Botanical source: Sambucus nigra L.
Part Used: Fruit/Berry
Specification: Anthocyanin 1-25% HPLC, Anthocyanidins 1-25% UV, 5:1 TLC, fruit powder  
Appearance: Purple-red to Dark Purple Fine Powder
Brand: Yongyuan Bio.
Our Features: Sourcing the high quality of raw materials from the place of originEuropea. The extracts are free of additives such as coloring, flavor, fragrance, and so on. It is 100% pure natural.
Black Elderberry and Its extract Introduction: Black elderberry, also known as European elderberry. Its fruit was once used in Europe as an antiseptic, or as a coloring agent and flavoring agent. And Syrup products made from black elderberry extract are very popular in the West for flu, cough, etc. Black elderberry mainly contains flavonoids, flavonoid glycosides, cyanogenic glycosides, and other components. As a common botanical medicine in Europe, it has been studied thoroughly by scholars. Elderberry is included in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia, the German Herbal Medicine Monograph, and the French Botanicals Prescribed for Clinical Use.
The antiviral effect of black elderberry fruit extract is the most concerned pharmacological effect. Studies have reported that black elderberry extract can inhibit 10 influenza viruses in vitro, and Israeli experts have found that black elderberry extract can inhibit influenza viruses A and B.
In addition, black elderberry extract also exhibited immunomodulatory effects.
Black elderberry fruits have significant antioxidant activity. Scholars have reported that the antioxidant activity of anthocyanins extracted from elderberry fruit is superior to that of vitamin C and vitamin E.
Black Elderberry Extract Application: Supplement, Food and Drinks, Cosmetics, Pharma, etc.
Packing: 25 KG/Drum
Storage: Stored in sealed containers at a cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture, and pest infestation.
Shelf life: 2 years when properly stored.
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