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Ophiopogon japonicus Need Your Attention: It helps Hydrate

Ophiopogon japonicus Need Your Attention:
It helps Hydrate the skin and Repair skin allergies

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1.About Ophiopogon japonicus
Ophiopogon japonicus, native to China, is a perennial evergreen grass plant belonging to the genus Liriodaceae of the Liliaceae family, with oval or spindle-shaped small roots. Its tuber is a precious Chinese herbal medicine, and also raw materials for a variety of Chinese patent medicines and health food.
Ophiopogon japonicus is also widely used in cosmetics. It is included in The Catalogue of Cosmetic Raw Materials Used issued by the Food and Drug Administration.  

2. Ingredients of Ophiopogon japonicus
In recent years, the research on Ophiopogon japonicus mainly focused on the separation and purification of monomer components with better pharmacological activity. Previous studies have shown that Ophiopogon japonicus contains abundant bioactive components such as saponins, flavonoids, and polysaccharides. Among them, Ophiopogon japonicus polysaccharide has become the research object of scholars because it is high in content, easy to extract, and can be produced on a large scale.

3. Ophiopogon japonicus root Extract and its activity
Natural polysaccharides, widely found in nature, have the dual functions of anti-oxidation and moisturizing skin.
3.1 Ophiopogon polysaccharide is the main active ingredient of Ophiopogon japonicus root Extract. It has good water holding capacity and is a natural moisturizing ingredient. It has high adhesion to skin and good stretchability. It can be used in lip balm, lipstick, pressed powder, cream. That is to say, It is rich in saccharides known to hydrate the skin. It protects the skin from dryness by boosting the skin's moisture-retaining ability and brings a more refined texture.
The following figure shows the moisturizing effect of different components in a group of experiments (Ophiopogon japonicus, Glycerol, White fungus polysaccharide, and Oat polysaccharide, respectively).

In the same test environment, the moisturizing rate of the four components continued to decrease, and then the downward trend gradually eased. The results showed that the moisturizing performance of Ophiopogon polysaccharide was much stronger than that of Glycerol and White fungus polysaccharide, Oat polysaccharide.
3.2 Anti-allergy is another significant activity of Ophiopogon japonicus root Extract. And Natural anti-allergenic ingredients have little side effects and generally do not cause drug dependence.
3.2.1 The following picture is a group of skin irritation repair effect experiments.

For the blank control, the change rate of red value gradually increased in the test area during the 15min-30min stimulation of capsaicin aqueous solution. After applying pure water, the red value change rate showed a decreasing trend. The blank control reflected the natural repair process of skin irritation.
For the results of skin repair, after 45 minutes of application of Ophiopogon japonicus root Extract, the change rate of red value in the test area decreased from 23% to 2% and basically returned to normal, while the red value of blank control decreased from 24% to 13%.
The test result showed that Ophiopogon japonicus root Extract. has a significant repair effect on the skin after irritation, and it can quickly repair damaged skin.
3.2.2 The combination of Ophiopogon japonicus extract and Sophora flavescens and cactus extract can play a synergistic role in promoting better anti-allergic repair effect.
In a group of experiments, as shown in the figure below, a patch test of irritants was performed after applying a combination of Ophiopogon japonicus, Sophora flavescens, and cactus extracts.

The results showed that the smeared area could greatly reduce the skin damage caused by the stimulation, which indicates that the three plant combination extracts can protect the barrier function to a certain extent, improve skin tolerance, repair damaged skin, and relieve allergic symptoms.

4. Application cases

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